Weight on Eternity "Sunday Shorts"

The weight of eternity.

Us humans put all our weight on this life that we live. A life that will indeed end. It could end at the ripe age of 100 or it could end tomorrow, or today, or at any second.

Scary, but nonetheless, a reality.

We put so much weight on this life. On our stuff. On the next great thing. The next great movie, or star, or partner. We stress over everything to be perfect, or better, or faster, bigger.

And in the end, when it’s all over, when we are no longer… alive, all this stuff that we long for, strive for, stress over. Stays right here for the next human to pick over in a yard sale, for family members to fight over, or to simply end up at the bottom of a pile at the local dump. Or in a box under someone’s bed, to be forgotten about.

How many Big Things could you not wait for? Saved all your money for? Stood in line for days for? Marked days off your calendar in hope for? How many of those big moments came and went, and now forgotten. Just a distant memory that has been erased to replace the next great thing.

Seems silly when you think about it. When in the end, none of it really matters. Sure we should have life experiences. Sure, we should enjoy an occasional movie, a great concert… love.

But we should not be on absolute fire for any of it.

We should put all our weight on Eternity. This life has an expiration date. And none of us know when that date is.

Eternity does not. Its forever. Without end. It just goes on and on and on and on….

So which eternity do you want?

You have two choices. Heaven or Hell. Most of you listening to this, I can guess, choose Heaven. There maybe somebody that comes across this message that doesn’t believe in God. And if you do not believe, does not make him not real. I can assure you that God is real. And considering that him being real, and hell being real, and Heaven being real, wouldn’t that make you, just for a moment think that seeking out the answers for such an infinite reality of what happens after you inevitably pass on.

Why wouldn’t such a extreme possibility, that could either be the most amazing experience of your existence or the most terrifying make you shut down your stubborn human nature to actually stop and think that maybe this… This is what I should pay attention to. That this reality seems way more important than researching stereo equipment for 30 hours or swiping left or right for the millionth time. That maybe those people I see on the street corner trying to tell you about Jesus Christ, might not be so crazy.

Those people. Those disciples are trying to save your life. Why? Because they love you. Why? Because they have the love of God inside them, and it is pouring out to all of God’s people to lead them to a place of peace and joy. Where you will never feel pain, never shed a tear. Where our creator God Almighty will be with open arms to accept you into his Kingdom.

If you are an unbeliever, I encourage you to dig into that, research that. Read the bible, look to the prophets, and the prophecies that came to pass. Look how God had spoke to them about things to come, that came and passed with every detail. Look at the things that are happening to us right here right now that the bible said would happen, to the very detail. It’s undeniable. Then you put your faith into it. Make a decision that God is real, and Jesus Christ is the only way to him, and make him Lord of your life and not all the stuff that you worship. Then, you will see God working in your life. You will see miracles. You will here him speak to you through his word, and to your heart.

To those that do believe, congratulations, you are wise. But do not settle for halfway in. God wants all of you, be obedient, and let yourself fully die of this world and live your life for Christ. Love him more than anything or anyone else. Keep your eyes on Jesus, every day.

Don’t put your weight on this life but put it on eternity. Because your eternity is all that matters, everything else will just get left behind.

Thank you for listening to this message, it maybe the most important one that I have spoke on. And if you have never shared an episode with anyone, I’m asking you to please share this one. It could save somebody’s eternal life. It may have saved yours.

God Bless, have an amazing day.

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