"Sunday Shorts" The Devil Is At Work

What is influencing are lives? Or who?

Stop letting Satan control your life and let Christ lead you.

The Devil is at work

Churches are being fenced off in Canada. Church services are banned in Ireland and is considered a criminal offense. Churches are closed in America, Pastors are being arrested. Folks this has nothing to do with COVID, they just use COVID as an excuse. An excuse that falls flat. Because if it was COVID, then stores would be closed, restaurants, everything. Only churches? Sure ok. This all comes from the people actually controlling this world. These people are satans little helpers. But they aren’t so little. They are very powerful people and have been controlling our lives for many many years, everything from the media we watch, the food we buy, everything. Now we have Amazon rolling out Wednesday that people can pay for their food at Whole Foods  with a swipe of there palm. The end is drawing near. Jesus is coming soon. If their are people in your life that has not. Excepted Christ, its time to shake them up. The signs of the Bible are like blinking neon lights right now. It couldn’t be more obvious. Get ready!! 

Don’t you see that the conditioning for all of this didn’t start over the last year? It’s been going on since the creation of television. They lead every by the nose in whatever direction they want to take them, whether it’s the hottest fashion, or movie, or television show. They have marketed your purchase decisions and everything thing you do your entire life and you don’t even know it’s happening. It’s all been a big carrot for you to follow until the time was right. Now is their time to bring you into their dark world and away from Christ. All conditioning for the coming mark of the beast. You have to wear a mask or you can’t buy or sell, and everyone follow suit. Next is you have to take this mark to buy and sell, and everyone will follow suit. You have to worship this man instead of Christ or you will be killed. And all will follow suit. And non of them will enter the kingdom of heaven, because living your lives just how you have been, and been conditioned to, is so much more important.

But it’s not. Life here on earth is short, especially in comparison to the eternal life that follows. An eternal life in one of two places, either heaven or hell. Where will you choose to spend eternity?

The people of this world want you to choose hell, but our creator, God almighty wants you to choose him, so much so that he sacrificed is only begotten son Jesus Christ so that your sins could be forgiven and so you can have everlasting life in the kingdom of heaven. A free gift. Turn away from the temptations of the the devils world and choose to follow Jesus. The sands of time are literally running out. God told the prophets of these signs so we would be waiting and watching. The signs have never been clearer. Follow Jesus today. Choose life.