After bringing Christ into my life and feeling the impact of walking with the Lord, and the way my life changed, I wanted to share that with the world. I started this show to teach people about God, and show them the way to salvation. Not by works, but believing in Jesus and making him Lord of your life. Joining me on this journey is Pastor Rick Reager and Minister Nathan Jewell, two of my brothers in Christ and great friends. We hope you enjoy our podcast, learn about the love of God, and grow deeper in your faith and understanding. 

God Bless 

About the Hosts

Jason Longbrake


Usually says pasture instead of pastor. Dislikes being called boss, chief and buddy.
Wears a hat because he is balding. Wishes he worked at home in his pajamas like Nathan.

Rick Reager


Pastor at the Ark Church. Has spikey hair.
Plays guitar and stuff. Still lives in the 80s.
Likes coffee and dad jokes.
And he's super rad.

Nathan Jewell


Intellectual abuser of big words. Doesn't share
his Wendy's cheeseburgers. Says words at
church. Works at home in his pajamas.
Married to "Scottish Landed Gentry"