5 Ways to Remove the Temptation to Sin "Sunday Shorts"

5 ways to remove sin from your life

When you repent, it means to have a change of mind. To turn away from the world, and towards Jesus. To live your life for him instead of the desires of the world. And when you are saved, you receive the holy spirit, and that holy spirit convicts you of your normal sinful nature. Things you use to do seem less appealing. You weep when you commit sin and ask for forgiveness. And though you have turned away from sin, you will never completely not sin. It’s not possible, because nobody but God is good. But if you are truly repentant, then you certainly will try. The problem is that we live in this world, and this world is flooded with the devils temptations. He wants us to sin. Us Christians are in a battle, and with the spirit of God inside of us, we will beat the devil. Here are five ways to remove the temptation of sin from your life.


5. Remove friends from social media that post un-Christian content. For example if you have post in your feed that includes sexual content, drug use, foul language etc. Delete those people. They are not enriching your walk. And if you claim to be a True Follower of Christ, but have this type of content, it shows that these things are acceptable to you, and therefore you are not showing fruit, but rather you are a hypocrite.

4. If you had a porn addiction, but have repented from it, and turned away from it then you need to set up parameters from it. Delete your browsing history, delete bookmarks to pornographic videos, even go as far as setting up restrictions on content that be displayed on your computer and phone. Yes, child proof yourself. And go as far as removing access that may draw temptation to go a step further.

3. Listen to worship music instead of secular. I’m not saying you can’t listen to secular music; I would be a hypocrite myself if I went that far. But use discernment to what you do consume. Remove the music in your life with blatant drug, sex, violence, and blasphemous references. There is plenty of great music that avoids this content. When in doubt, worship it out. I have found myself craving worship music. Even when I play something secular, I find myself needing something more fulfilling to my spirit.

2. Kind of the same thing, remove the types of programs that the devil wants you to watch. Now we all like a good action-packed thriller from time to time, but if it is filled with ultra-violence, sexual content that pushes the envelope, unnecessary foul language that goes beyond the occasional curse word, then just remove it from your life. All things have an influence on your walk. Fill yourself with content that is positive, enriching and spiritually fulfilling. Perhaps an uplifting family comedy, or even just a good sermon from a bible teaching Pastor instead. I recommend Jack Hibbs, Steve Smotherman for amazing messages. J.D. Farag if you want to dive into prophecy, and James Kaddis and Tom Hughes for current news and prophetic events.

1. And finally the number one way to remove sin from your life. Take captive every thought that goes against what God wants for you. Turn away from thoughts, visions, and situations that may cause you to stumble. Always keep Jesus in your thoughts and in your sight. In fact, keep this in mind, God is with you always, he is riding shotgun. And ask yourself, would you listen to, watch, or do the things you shouldn’t if the Lord was visibly sitting right next to you? The answer is no. You can’t see him, but he is there. Never forget that. In fact, embrace it. He is always there to guide you, embrace you, protect you and fulfill you.

And I will close with this. Having a constant dialog with God, and acknowledgement of God with keep you focused on your relationship with God. That alone will keep you on the path of righteousness. Stay on the narrow path, because at the end of that path, through the narrow door, is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thanks for listening. Tune-in Wednesday, our topic is Forgiveness.