5 Ways to Get Closer to God

5 ways to grow closer to God

Have you ever prayed and wondered if God was listening? What about asking God to speak to you, but all you here is the quietness that surrounds you? Well I am here to say I have assuredly experienced both.

God has always been and will always be ever-present in our lives, however, He especially makes Himself known during our trials. That is one of the many wonderful aspects about Him.

I realize that everyone has a different approach to how he or she builds a relationship, however, here are a few things that have worked for me in strengthening my relationship with Christ.

1. Set aside time for God each day.

God wants a relationship with you. Starting and ending your day in prayer is fantastic, but when you also have those conversations throughout your day that is when you really start to break down those walls. Like an relationship you have, it takes work. Build that relationship with the Lord by using prayer, meditation and getting into his Word everyday. 

2. Start a daily devotional

There are lots of great devotionals out there. The show me I have been reading is call 40 days with Jesus. It’s a 2 book set brought to you by the creators of The Chosen, written by Amanda Jenkins, Kristen Hendricks, and Dallas Jenkins. It’s amazing how many times God speaks to you while reading devotionals.

3. Listen to worship music

I myself was not one that listened to Christian music until I became the drummer for our worship team at church. And it’s pretty incredible how bringing music, along with a great message can move you. But not only that, it gives you a sort of direct link to God. Music itself can be an emotional catalyst, and combining that with the message and meditation can be very powerful. 

4. Join a church or a youth group.

Not only to learn more about the word of God, and clear up any confusion you may have about a certain scripture, but getting into fellowship with like minded people can not only provide fulfillment in your life, but also in others that you spend time with. Also, getting involved with your church and not just attending, can be spiritually rewarding.

5. Put God’s truths to work

God’s love can never be explained; it can only be experienced. No matter how large or minute a setback may be, you must remember that it is a perfect arrangement in God’s eyes. This allows you to put His truths to work and watch His promises be fulfilled. By doing so, you will first handedly see the activeness of His goodness and love in your life.